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Invisible zombie
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experimental, Northeast2 (?) 1pp. 9:55am CST, Found a military zombie in northern berezino. Appeared to kill it, kept getting attacked by invis infected. possibly different zed.


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Find a zombie in berezino? I'm not sure how to reproduce.

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We had the same issue on one of the UK servers. My teammate got attacked by a zed. He didn't see him, I did.

I had this happen twice. The first zombie was a female that I seen, and then I could not see her. I tried to kill her, but it was difficult to see where the attack was coming from. I tried to climb stairs to determine where she was, but still couldn't tell if I was landing anything. I died on those stairs inside that house. Just a few minutes ago, I was in Zelen, and I killed 2 zombies through a window sniping them, the 2nd one was a slow moving zombie. I waited a minute, then went out there to inspect the area when I got hit by something. I waited a second or two and there it was again. I ran inside and closed the door, but now I'm stuck inside potentially or maybe I can restart the game to see it...but I'm a goner. This is the 2nd time an invisible attacker has gotten me.

and the bad thing is, you cant find a secure spot, every closed door is no problem for this glitch. i had a similar issue.