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Suspicious (?) activity in server logs
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I help with admin in a top 40 ranked private server and am experiencing a common occurrence of players disconnecting and reconnecting in very short time.
I am concerned this is an exploit - probably duping gear (maybe 'killing' their own character on return?).
I have tried quickly returning to our server after logging out but I am presented with a 30 second timer at least and usually a 'please wait' period after that.
The logs show that these players are able to disconnect and reconnect usually within 5 seconds:
How is this possible? why are they doing it? Should I ban them? I have been 24hr banning players who do this a lot.

Couple of examples of many in the logs is as follows:

19:33:18 | Player "Platzpuuh"(id=76561198117211540) has been disconnected
19:33:23 | Player "Platzpuuh" is connected (id=76561198117211540)

21:05:28 | Player "ViktoR"(id=76561198146363010) has been disconnected
21:05:33 | Player "ViktoR" is connected (id=76561198146363010)

I can supply more but I feel sure you must be used to seeing this behaviour if it happens so much on our server.
I am suspicious this is cheating but could you look in to it and confirm/deny it is nefarious or innocent?

Out server ip is

Please ask for more info as necessary.


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Hi Dew,

This kind of "behaviour" is not necessarily related to cheating activities. I asked Eugen, and under certain circumstances it seems that it is possible that the countdown timer does not trigger when switching servers.