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DayZ is dying - please do something, faster!
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Please do something!

Because of DayZ is absolutely dying right now.
0.57 Stable needs to be a absolutely fantastic patch. Otherwise you will loose players again.

Look here, it's horrible:


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Go play something else. Enough of this pampered bullshit. DayZ is not for the likes of you bro you'll just always find something to btch about.

This bugtracker is feeling more and more like Dayz subreddit.
Dont post this shit here.

It's only to make the devs attentive to this.

And please speak like normal people without shit etc.

But you have to realize that devs are aware that their build are at somepoint broken.

Brian Hicks: A few status reports ago I mentioned the fact that as we move forward through the development of DayZ, people *will* see more things break, more bugs, and so on. Part of getting access to DayZ as early as we've allowed via the Early Access program means that you're seeing the real ups and downs of game development. I've seen people over the last few months on forums, twitter, and so on mention the back and forth stability of builds as if this is an anomaly - an oddity in software or game development.