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45min in empty city (zelenogorsk) and nothing is respawning
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Does the loot respawn now ? , cause I don't see it ,when I stay in one area (empty city) for a long time and no one is looting, the empty city stays empty , nothing valuable respawn it's only the what's left over : clothes and other useless stuff , should we loot all city including the useless stuff to force respawn everything ? and let's say if there is 1 SVD per the whole map and someone took that SVD , does it respawn ? and when ?


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it would be really nice if devs said to us, how the CLE works in detail, because i see the same thing you see. Loot is there in the beginning, and then, if anything respawns, it is in places nobody ever goes to, or doesn't respawn properly. Devs shoud share the mechanism and changes they make so we can properly test it and not being frustrated every time. I already reported items spawning on top of each other so you don't see the things underneath (also you don't see it in the vicinity part of inventory), and nobody even bothered looking at the bug.

I have same issue.

I mentioned the SVD just as example , it's the same with everything else ,and it's gonna be like the 1st days of stable 0.55 :loot only respawn after the update or after persistence reset.

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i ran for 60 mins from kamy to polana. 30 mins of it i was eating apples otherwise i would be 100% dead since no food or any other useable loot is spawning.

(i will exclude shoes and standard trousers)