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I don't feel fishing is balanced. It's not fun to do. I love to hunt, I like to craft leather, but the bummer is fishing.

I have to get a shovel to get worms. I may get lucky making a garden with a hoe or pickaxe, but a shovel is where it's at. I also have to find an ashwood tree. Thank you for making those easier to find now. I did notice. ;) Next, you gotta have a knife to get the stick. Once you get the stick, you gotta find a rope or guts(or are guts only for bows). Once you find that, you gotta find some bone or a fishing hook. After all that monumental hard work, you have a second to catch a fish maybe...and when you do, it's a carp, and all it gives ya are guts.

It's just not balanced, and it's no fun.

I would suggest maybe making fishing poles an item in the game. Especially around the um, fishing boats...I don't think it's unreasonable to find a fishing pole with line and hook all in one. You can certainly find an AK with everything except the bullets, I don't see the problem with finding a fishing pole you gotta find worms(still needs a shovel and that's fair) and a pond for.

Also, can we make a fish filet from carp?


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Try to fish

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Hey kradarak,

you need a rope and an ashwood stick to craft the fishing rod. I would agree, that they should add a finished fishing rod item, that u can loot somewhere.

You can get filets out of the fish, if you put the carp out of your inventory to the ground. If u have a knife you can select "skin and quarter the body", after that u will get the filets and the guts in your inventory.

I also ran into that bug, and theres already a reported issue about it. But also the devs couldnt reproduce this, cause they closed two reports about this. Sometimes I dont know what they are doing.

Hey, thanks paradox. After gathering everything to fish and waiting for that 1 second for a chance to get 1 filet, I get guts. I hate that. I shoot one cow and I'm fed and I get some cool clothing to boot.

Still, fishing needs to be easier to be more balanced.