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Press fire button and gun keeps firing untill empty, even when button released.
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Had AK-M with 75 round drum mag. Fired off one shot (Click and release) but gun kept firing until mag. was empty. This has happened before some time back but is completely random and does not happen very often.


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Totally random unable to re-produce on request.

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Was reported by another user but post was closed ID 0022422.

I have also had similar issues in past with the axe but not for a while was able to stop this by going in to inventory and switching to another item in hand.

Cannot be 100% sure but may be related to a lag issue as last time it happened it did appear to go a bit laggy for a while.

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This also happens to melee weapons. Happens randomly, the game just acts as if I am constantly spamming/holding down left click.