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virtually no loot for 2 days now, is central economy working? gotta go back to stable till this is fixed. no point dying of dehydration or starvation every 30 mins.


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Hi gooner1010,

Do you have server ip + port numbers for a server where you experience this?


all the experimental servers, game version 0.56.... still the same even after latest update for exp and now no zombies either

can(not) confirm, its rare on the coast (9 from 10 houses has nothing) uk3 and uk2 (both 3rd person) last night.

when all houses are meant to have something with CLE then something is not working as it should

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loot looks ok to me, it's not as much as before, but it is enough to get you started. i have more problems with the missing zeds

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I too cannot find any loot anymore since the last patch. It used to be ok before (I was loving the new central economy system of 0.56). Now servers are literally empty. 0 zeds, 0 animals, 0 loot!

no zombies, no animals and no loot. From Cherno till Stary find apples from the trees only and then iam dying. Starvation :(

Survive works only if you find industrial making foods goods or things like an axe, matches etc to craft bows and rabbit snares and something else. Can't test the new patch if i die every 30 minutes.