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0.56 - only 3 experimental servers in europe
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Still on this day i see only 3 european experimental servers in the server browser. See screenshot. Guys, really? {F31713}


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I know about that twitter post, but nothing changed. How should we test the game if we cannot play it?

It was weekend so...
And i have never seen those 3 servers full.

I always had huge desync on these servers and it was inplayable, that is why they were not full, i played on server which IP i had from forums.

Yeah true but more servers doesnt resolve the desync issue. Just have to wait for new patch this week.

I played on almost empty server which IP i had from the forums and without a lag, the game is pretty playable and awesome (apart from the hotbar glitch and weird gun putting in hands and some other minor bugs).

Baranock could you drop some IP to test it here ?

i found these on forums:

i didn't try all of them though but they might be the same

Thanks i'll try them in the afternoon, hope it will be fine.

Hi Baranock,

Experimental servers not being up does not equal there being a bug. The team is constantly working on the Experimental branch builds so there will be a lot of downtime on these servers. We very much appreciate your support for DayZ, but please have patience while the team works on the Experimental branch servers.