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Too much loot on one position => game crashs
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Hello devs,

now i found a lot of Server with loot-bugs, so near of all loot spawn on one position. This is funny and some times very helpful to equip. On other ways you get no useful loot.
But now we have it that if you come to Close of the prision of the NW-Military-Base the game crashes with 0 fps.
On those Server near of no loot is on the rest of the map like electro.

Is it possible to wipe the loot that new loot is possible to spawn?


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Steps To Reproduce

-Find loot bug
-get Close to this loot-bug

> game crashes

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1/3st Person, 40 & 50 Server, Public

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They will be changing the loot spawning system in 0.56 anyway so not a major problem.