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Automatic rainwater collecting mechanism for bases..
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I have more then 1000 hours in dayz SA and one thing i really think should be added to the game is a rainwater collecting machine og some kind of mechanism that can collect rainwater... Well before patch 0.55 came out and pretty much ruined the game, my friends and i had a camp for a few months. We had 2 military tens and a normal tent, Fireplace, Gardens with tomatoes etc. A really nice little camp, but in the middle of nowhere, getting water was a really annoying problem and we had to stack up on water bottles and go fill them all up and drop them in the tents for later use. You should instead be able to craft some kind of rainwater collecting system. Maybe with a few water bottles, some kindling, and a knife to cut a wodden slide, ducktape or robe to tie it together. This should work like all other items created ingame and the machine should be too big to carry around. (maybe add break down option) It would only seem natural to make such a device if you where living in the wilderness trying to survive. {F31663}


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Crafting a water collecting device would be realistic and i think it would fit perfectly into the whole surviva/nature aspect of the game.
There is so many different kinds of handcrafted rainwater collectors in real life.

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you dont read status reports? its coming.

I normally do, guess i missed it.. But nice!!