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Player going to crouch before vaulting
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Sometimes the player model before vaulting goes to crouch, stands up, steps over and crouches back down while trying to perform a normal jump.


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It's a random occurrence which is relatively unable to reproduce. It does not happen all the time. Reproducing this is basically just trying to jump over a fence.

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Usually crouching and standing up afterwards fixes the issues temporarily.

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It still happens and it's just as random.

Yes, this seems to happen with every gesture/animation, vaulting included. Occasionally it'll even put you in the prone position automatically when you try to wave. Really weird and difficult to explain when you're on an RP server...

yes, also a similar occurance is standing up while eating food or performing any other action that's available in all 3 positions

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Still an issue. Also everything that OnionOfShame said is still a thing.

Yes, I'm having this happen, too. I am running at a fence, I try to vault, my character crouches, steps over and then crouches again.