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How to ensure a desync free experience.
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Lately I have been noticing that more and more servers are almost unplayable due to server performance related issues (desync, inventory delays, trouble picking up items, animation delays, fps, etc.). These issues have came to a point that I dont really feel like playing anymore.

The server performance is affected by the patches and the box on which the server application runs. Server providers tend to rent out as many servers on one box as possible so they can have max profit. If you put too many servers on one box the servers will get slower than they should be. This results in low server FPS and thus performance. At the moment its hard to find servers with good performance and you will have to find this out by playing on the server and getting the delays or not. Most of the time this will cause me a lot of frustration since you don't just want to abandon a private hive/ server.

After thinking about a solution I figured it could help to include some sort of server performance indicator in the server browser. It might be a representation of the server FPS in maybe a green/orange/red bar (like ping) and this way you would know the server runs well if you see it in the list. For this to be possible the server would have to do some sort of continuous self testing and forward the fps to the server browser. If such a system would be implemented it could guarantee a good dayz experience for everyone that joins a green bar server. On the other hand people renting servers would know their provider is overloading the box by checking whether their server performance bar is green. This could give people just cause to complain to the provider which could result in the provider upgrading the box. In the end its a way to assure the server base is performing upto standard.

What do you think about server performance?

Does it need to be improved?

How do you think we can improve?

What do you think about my suggestion?

Tldr: Have server report their performance in the browser so you wont join badly running servers anymore.


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Hello, this is a post I made on reddit, . I hope you can take the suggestions into consideration.

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Here, is not a forum. Not the right place for suggestions.

JiJi you apparently don't understand the way this site works, I suggest you leave and downvote stuff on reddit instead.