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Falsely VAC banned
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I logged in and was spawned inside a building's walls. Now I've been VAC banned. So because your game is bugged I now have a VAC ban on my permanent record and can't play one of my favorite games. Contacting Steam Support doesn't do anything. Can't you guys please explain to them that it wasn't my fault?


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Log in inside a building.

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Please don't close my tickets without letting me respond. This is a glitch in the game as well that obviously needs to be addressed and I am extremely upset.

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It might be the ramdisk thing in a way. I had steam on a portable SSD and got VAC banned. It took me forever talking to them to finally get a nice person that said I was banned because I logged on from too many IP addresses too fast for them to think I was not a hacker. I was in school and had to keep moving computers. So if your ramdisk may in part be the cause if you are using it and changing computers quite often.

Hello again oakmage,

The thing is that this bug has already been filed a long time ago in ticket #101, it is scheduled for a fix and it does not cause you to become vac banned.

Which reason did Steam give for your vac ban?


They did not tell me what it was for and said that they don't have to. Me being in the walls is the only other thing I could think of other than running the game on a RAM disk for better performance.

Sorry oakmage, running in to bug #101 does not cause you to become vac banned. This bug happens for players on a daily basis. Again, this is not an issue that we can solve for you I'm afraid.