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Using ingame VOIP after killed or been killed by other player(s) - A good thing or not?
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I just want to make a simple feedback/ request on the matter of we should have the ability to speak to other players who are dead or have been killed by you. (2-way comms)

Another reporter wanted this removed, and I understand he's point of view, you are dead and can not speak. And is a very valid point. (This is not meant to be toward that post at all, but I did not know this was a bug and I will for sure miss this ability in the future. That is my soul reason making this report.)

Still I find that to be a bit to much "realistic" as this is still a video game. And we should all have the ability to interact and make contact with other players. That is what DayZ is about also. Right?

Many times I find this to be a nice "addition" to the game even if this is a bug.
Just wanted to air the issue to other reporters/ players and Devs to see if you all think this is a good idea or not.

I find this in many situations to be both positive and a a negative thing but for most of the time depending on your play style it has been positive for me.

This will give us the opportunity to discuss why, and how it all went down to this and so on in game.

FYI: You can still mute those who talk to you.

So thats it, what is your opinion on the matter?


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Kill or get killed. Talk to dead player.

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Sometimes it's fun and interesting to discuss the fight (or circumstances of your or their death) with the other player(s), but usually people are just salty and use it for crap-talking.

It's probably better that it be disabled. It's certainly more realistic. It would be cool if there were some in-game but non-immersion-breaking way to reconnect with a player you had an encounter with, but didn't get their Steam or TS info.

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How about have this as a server setting?