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Dear developers,
first thank you that you have restored a slightly better loot system, even if it is only for a short time.
At least you can now find loot again. The problem is more, I can not verify that good loot is collected and useless loot spawn again. So you have, the longer the server is running less and less useful things you can find. Not for nothing, many players have Persistance disabled on their server.
I understand where are you going and what your goal is for DayZ. But I wonder how it must be through the wall with his head. Or worse. In the case of Update 0.55 it was not his head against the wall, as in the past, but the update was your Sept. 11. You're flying an airplane into a skyscraper and instead of bringing a hotfix out quickly, you have two weeks waiting for the fire department to call and are wondering now that in the reviews come scathing reviews on Steam.
In addition, well-intentioned feedback will be completely ignored.
You have the option at any time to listen to the mood of the community. You know how to change and how not arrive. But rather than respond to warnings and opinions of the players and to use it, this is the thick skull is ignored enforced and then claim that it would be a yes Alpha and all servers for testing are there.
Now one can argue the other way that feedback on Steam is just a review of an alpha. And that all players are indeed strayed just before an Alpha. And are then left rather than an average of 4 players on one server, it only 1 to 2 are now.
DayZ had absolutely addictive. They wanted to play more and more. But to make by waiting 2 weeks to stop the latest fires are now all players away. And it looks like they come not again.
But the warnings before and during insertion were neither was taken, nor was reacted and now are barely gamers.
For that I must also say, make the zombies, as well as the persistence with the cars and other objects, no fun to play more DayZ.
And should make a game where players not fun?
I find it very sad that you can play as a drive against the wall of stubbornness and it was broken.
But you tröset Ye have indeed only a complete community of alpha destroyed. And now, the feedback is only an alfa. I bet people will come in the rate of updates safely back ... NOT!


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Use teh Feedback you get.
We, the community, take the time and give feedback before we run away. Other games do not have this option and have to live with the end of the game. Unless one is stubborn

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I f you would read the dev blog you would know that the loot thing was unintended. The devs listen to what we say and take some of our advice. But there is also an endgame that the devs are trying to reach and the users don't know every detail of that. And please don't compare this to 9/11. That was just wrong and ignorant.

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If someone feels stepped on the toes basis of the comparison, I'm sorry. That was not the intention, but the update had similar verhärende impact on the game.
What is the worst case for DayZ? The worst case is that there are no more players, dioe play the game. And that's what happened.
Not only in the immediate environment, where we had only two groups in our communities (up 18-35 and 36 to 50+ years ) No-one else plays DayZ. All that, really all, have stopped playing DayZ and in the two weeks waiting, all now play GTA V.
I do not know if you run your own server. We have two (yet). And if I watch the players statistics from a server that was one of the popular server in the public privat server sector, where on average only 2 people play it now, then a server is no longer included.
For two reasons it does not pay off. 1) I can not adjust anything more important. 2) Economic Update 0.55 was an absolute disaster. For 2 People average pay € 60 / month is no longer economic.
And that has now entered the worst case despite the warning does not show me any understanding that was part of the community.

In the PC gaming press has certainly noticed everyone that there was ever a big bang between Dean Hall and the community. Dean Hall had threatened to break off communication with the community and the community threatened to leave the game because they have lost confidence.
And that's what happened. The community has gone up in smoke (you peep the server player statistics are sampled on), because updates and changes with a crowbar be drawn. And many bugs remain untreated or take a long time for something to happen. Now the community is gone, players on the servers stay out, despite warning.
We have the worst case and I do not know how BI wants to make amends. For so just come players who have changed the community, not back.

Especially since the article has degraded in the update news and player as pure "Tester", which is an absolute insolence and arrogance on the reader we act.
I am a player who helps in testing and I like to do when the errors are fixed. But I'm not a tester and I pay less than 60 € a month to become so behaldelt. Then the players are just gone.

And also here the desperate cry for help is with the hope that maybe one employee for PR or for the mood of the community is set. For just as the player status and the mood is right, the game is as good as dead. After all, we're talking about players sacrificing a good 90%. And a former popular game on the market.

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