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Tents not staying after leaving server and coming back
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After the maintenence me and my buddy went to put our camp back where it was before the mantenence, but after we put the tents down and filled them back up with our gear. We set out to do some heli hunting and upon our return to our server everything was gone, tents and everything inside. So we switched to the other server we use and tried it again with new gear and it was gone as well after leaving and immediately respawning back in.


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we tried in 2 different servers to put tents down with objects in them, log out and directly back in and the tents and objects in them were gone.

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But it's also with dead bodies like this.

A friend of mine got killed by a zombie. I looted his body to save the loot. He was nude but some loot was lying around his body on the floor.

About 2 minutes after his dead I logged out. I looged back in 30 seconds after, because I forgot to save something ( I wanted to hide the body).

Surprise: body and all loot around him was gone!

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Got also killed (actually killed myself by a misuse of a landmine).
Before trying with it I striped everything on the ground. after death I walked again to my body, my body and 90% of the loot was gone. Only the backpack was there. clothes and armes where gone.