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Missing items in the Database and/or Loot and Spawn Table
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Tested on a White-listed Private Server by 7 Players that tested the Loot.

Missing Items in DayZ 0.55:
-AK101 Magazines
-M4A1 (except you re-install your server for new Heli spawns but that would be abusing)
-M4 Magazines (same as above)
-5.56 Ammunition
-Blaze Double Rifle
-MP5 But-stock
-AK Rail Handguard

Bugged Items in the Loot Table.
worth it looking for it even though it is a Key Feature of the Game_
-7.62x51 (Mosin) Ammunition (Found in Total 3x20 Rounds in Total on the Server / No Respawn in 7 Days) White you find enough Ammunition for not existing Weapons (Winchester/Longhorn)
-9mm Magazines for MP5 Every Police Station is full of them.
-Police Cars spawn Items next to the Car
-Varios Buildings don't spawn Items
-Respawn of Items not existing everywhere untlill not respawning at all


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NOTE: This is not a "cry i dont find any Items post". We have put alot of efford in Searching the Map Many Times over 7 Days to see if the Items are only temporary not existing or really not there. You are moving in the right direction. But missing Loot is not a small Bug it's a Huge Issue for the GAme.

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It took me a while but I found two blaze rifles. Both were in outhouses. The rest in you list I have not found since 0.55

can confirm blaze is spawning. 7.62 ammunition is ingame. longhorn was in experimental, did not find it in release 0.55.

for all other points it needs attention.