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food bottles cans of drinks are impossible to find in time
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have bin playing today on multiple dayz servers today since 12:30 gmt+2 (mid european ,holland paris etc)
till 17:30 gmt+2

every time ive died not of zombies (unless i had them kill me cause i spawned where i did not want to spawn) i died of starvation

regardless if the server just resetted or it was already running , theres hardly (understand per village 1 can or less) food to be found

with the lack of weapons so you can start gunting and the time i spendet in a field full of apple trees attemptign to stay alive that way i kept dying of starvation

this is a game for survival yes but it should at leasat be possible to stay alive
fishing hooks i found for example but rope is no where to be found so fishing is no option

dont make this game into a laugh
few days ago i played and than i found the amoutns of ammo and weapons i found amusing
but the difference betwee nfew days ago and now makes me just sad

dont chaneg this game into a job if ppl wanna stay alive that will cost you a lot of players


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Plenty food on the map. You're not looking for it.