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Literally can not find pot/pan anywhere
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I've been playing for a while in the 0.55 and my buddy has found a bunch of cows, the only issue is, there is no possible way to cook them unless you have a pot or pan. But if you eat the meat raw you get sick. There should either be more pots and pans, or implement a different, more accessible method of cooking.


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I noticed the same thing. I also cannot find cooking tripods either.

Have not found a pot or pan in 0.55, cannot cook

I mean, I understand that they're trying to make you hunt and forage for food, as well as growing it. But if you're gonna make the food scarce, you should at least have another viable form of food implemented. I read that they're eventually adding sticks to cook food on but why not do that before they make you "live off the land"

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yh same here
and its for as far as im aware up to the player if you wanna forage and search or hunt and grow

sicne for hunting as i said in my ticker you need a weapon didnt fins a single 1 today in 4+ hours
farming hoes i also didnt find a single unit

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