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Animals are very rare compared to 0.54
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I can rarely find an animal compared to 0.54 . Animal are too rare atm


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So true. Also I wasted like 4 snare traps, not even one rabbit..

Same for me, animals too rare, also if you do manage to find and kill one there are no cooking pots or frying pans to be found. I threw away all my meat as I could not cook it.

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Yeah maybe, strange because i think see more deer or chicken at the first day of 0.55

I too have noticed this. I HAVE spotted a deer a few times, and also a pig and a cow. I play for extended periods most days (5h+), and finding wildlife is extremely rare, making hunting for food unreliable.

Occasionally I hear a chicken, though I can never find it. (This may just be my fault, as I'm not the best searcher, and also have most the graphics related to details set low)

I have no trouble finding pot and pans though, unlike other people. Which only makes it all the more infuriating. :/

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well there are some 100% spawns (that carried over from arma 2 i guess) like the chicken in vyshnoye and the cows / sheeps / goats west from moglievka. i have also very often found a boar in the woods south of zelenogorsk (between the barn and the street from pavlovo to komarovo)

the boar west of chernogorsk seems to be gone due to the new city.

but i absolutely agree that in every area should be cows / rabbits / goats ...