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Plate carrier and attachments disappear after exiting truck as driver
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I had a complete plate carrier with pouches and holster. A CR75 was attached and all pouches were full (4x CR75 9mm magazines, 1x morphine, 1x box of matches, 1x hunting knife and 1x canteen. Left my camp, mounted my truck and drove to another location, no more than 10KM away. At no time was I physically attacked by a zed or another player during the two stops I made prior to final destination.

Upon dismounting I noticed that the plate carrier with all attached items along with the items inside had completely disappeared from my inventory. I was wearing it as a primary at the time. I retraced my route and the carrier was not found at any point (I was the only person on this particular server so I doubt another player found and took the carrier).


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Unknown, this is the first time this has happened to me.

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Server is on a private shard with a shared database.

The whole entire item had completely disappeared, not just bits and bobs, the whole damn thing was GONE.

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