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Character flung into air & died smashing into rocks.
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I was at Stary Yar at the southern hunting lodge. I had just logged into the server, walked out of the front door and gone to the benches. I stopped my character knowing how desync characters can get. After a few seconds, my character teleported to the rock edge ever so slightly west of the building, stopped, flung himself into the air, and landed on the rocks killing my character.


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I'm pretty annoyed as I lost 3 days worth of gear but I'm just trying not to dwell on it. Unable to reproduce as it will take me a long time to get back.

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I logged in to be right where a v3s was. This forced the v3s underground and then back up shooting me in the air killing me. Bye bye M4 and so much gear. that guy had been alive for about 3 weeks. Trying hard like you not to dwell on it but still annoyed.