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I downloaded the 0.55 update and when it ended, it glitched and went back into my download queue on Steam. I re-downloaded and the same thing occured.

I then decided to re-install my game and I had this problem again. So I deleted everything and Re-Installed Steam. When I did this, I re-downloaded DayZ and when I clicked to play it, it came up with the error message ''missing executable file'' so I verified the game cache and then this verification would take me back to the orignal issue of relapsing downloads. I REALLY NEED HELP! PLEASE! {F31556}


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Hi Tom97HD,

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ on your pc; what happens when you manually launch either DayZ.exe or DayZ_BE.exe (make sure that Steam is running in the background first)?


Nothing happens. It only happens if I launch from Steam. I've tried other things since my first enquiry and still nothing even though all the other games in my library work. I'm thinking only a new game can fix this? Because I've re-isntalled Steam, DayZ, I've changed settings, deleted AppCache, etc... I honestly believe my game is non-functional or has got infected or something...

On the screenshot you submitted, it doesn't look like the install process has completed though.

Are you sure that you haven't interrupted the install process somehow?

This happened to me when I had the -dologs launch parameter setup for DayZ in steam. Removing that and I was golden.

JStewart: No I did not. If you want proof I can give it to you but I promise that's not the case, otherwise why would I ask for help. Any more suggestions to help me? Because I want to play the game and like I mentioned, would a new game/code help this?

trujuice: Where do I go to access this parameter? I wil try this

I just called it on basis of the screenshot that you provided yourself. You can access the launch parameters this way:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Right click on DayZ.
  3. Go to Properties.
  4. Go to "Set Launch Options".

A new copy of the game would not solve your problem.

If you have Razer Synapse, delete it. I had this problem and thats all I had to do.

Ok, I've re-downloaded the game and I basicly get the error from here, any recomendations? Try and start fresh :)

Steam has a KB article for this problem. Please have a look here:

Yeah I tried this and the issue still persists. I'm a bit worried there may not be a solution?

Try downloading the game to another location, possibly a spare hard drive and see if the problem still persists.

I only have a single hard drive. What I don't understand about this problem is that it all worked fine before but since the 0.55 Experimental-Stable has come in nothing will work.

Have you tried reinstalling steam and the game? I also had to do this one time my game wouldnt launch.

Yes, indeed I have. Both various times, I've also tried running Steam as Admin, launching the game from Steam etc.

How about right clicking dayz.exe in your game folder and troubleshoot compatibility, or even running the game as administrator? Change the properties; under compatibility make it what ever version of windows you are using. If this doesn't work you can try to go into your anti virus, check the reports. The new version of dayz i have noticed opens a second window for battle eye. Maybe your antivirus has put the folder into decontamination and is blocking it, if you allow the process to run then you should be alright.

I will try this, thanks :)

Unfortunately this didn't work, any more suggestions?
I'm getting a bit desperate...

Checked that, not that either.

What Gpu do you have? If your using an NVIDIA card, there was an update at the around the same time that 0.55 came out. If you do have an NVIDIA card then maybe you could try going back to the older version of the drivers?

might be windows firewall?

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go ctrl+alt+delete - manager - and end process Steam.exe and run DayZ again

Nope, didn't work either... :(

JStewart: Any ideas?

Having a poke around on google, it seems like something might be blocking the launch of the executables.

Could you try the following steps and see what happens (you may have to reinstall all your Steam games at the end)?

  1. Move the entire "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder to your desktop. Your "SteamApps" folder should now be at the following location: "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\SteamApps".
  2. Move the "DayZ" folder out of the "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\SteamApps\common" folder and subsequently delete the "DayZ" folder.
  3. Uninstall Steam while making sure the "SteamApps" folder is still on your desktop.
  4. Restart your pc.
  5. Install a new version of Steam.
  6. Go to the new "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder.
  7. Move everything inside the old "SteamApps" folder on your desktop to the new "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder.
  8. Install DayZ again.


Glad to hear :) Closing ticket then.