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You can use your long range scope while attached on your mosin
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You can use your long range scope while it's still attached on your mosin.

This is glitch abuse. {F31541}


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Steps To Reproduce

Have a mosin with long range scope attached on it.

Go into your inventory and drag your mosin with LRS attached on it into your "item bar" on the bottom of your screen on, I don't know, place ONE.

Now go again into your inventory and drag only your long range scope onto this bar at the bottom of the screen. But on another place then "ONE" (e.g. TWO).

Press ONE to arm your mosin with LRS attached on it.

Press TWO to only arm your LRS.

Where is the problem?
Run very long time and try to use your mosin - impossible because you are breathing - instead of using the mosin, you can now arm only your scope by pressing TWO and the cursors is totally quiet.

Additional Information

Look my screenshot how I dragged my mosin and my scope onto this bar at the vottom of the screen.

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I don't think this is a bug. You can put most items in your hands as long as they're in your inventory.

Thing is: with LRS only you obviously can't fire.

Ok logical.

But it would be better if the character shows an tak-off-LRS-animation, no?

If you're being nitpicky then yes it would be better to have an animation, but I don't think not having an animation should be classified as a glitch. I mean, you can swap shoes while walking. Is that a glitch? :D

Updated to "Animations" ;)