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Able to cancel drinking from pumps and still receive hydration
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Since the "Cancel current action" feature as added to water pumps, players are now able to drink from the pump and skip the animation. This is due to the player receiving to hydration increase before the animation as opposed to after.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. "Use Pump" without bottle in hand.
  2. Select "Cancel current action" at any time.
  3. Watch as hydration level is increased.
Additional Information

This can be fixed by treating pumps like water bottles in that the player does not gain hydration until the animation is finished. The exploit takes the risk out of drinking from pumps.

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Noticed this Yesterday from the PAX Stream so it's still true in 0.58.

the Devs know about this and intentionally left it like this. beings in real life it wouldn't take 1 minute to take a drink from a well