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Serious lack of food in coast towns with new patch.
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so i was killed by a mistake last night by a friend, and lost smersh vest and really rare loot all due to the gear persistence because the server restarted. Today im a new spawn at the coast, and the 1st thing i find a Tkos pants and jacket and a smersh vest. I search the entire town of cherno without finding even 1 can of food. At this point im decent gear but dying of starvation. I then server hop cherno just to find some food. After about 5-6 hops in both the center of cherno and the houses in the outskirts my character starts to slowing loose blood while i spring around with zombies on my ass trying to find atleast just 1 can.. But nope.. Respawned in Elektro now i have searched about 20 houses and again i havent found even 1 can of food. you need to add more food spawns at the coast, this patch is killing the players ingame and they mostly get spawned in at the coast and loot food before they travel up north. This means that if you spawn at the coast in 0.55 stable that means you are 80% sure of dying..


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You guys need to add more north spawn points or change the amount of food that spawns in the coast cities. Because now there is no food to be found at all cities such as elektro, Cherno, berenzino and also all the small ones. When u are a new spawn you need atleast a few cans to be able to reach some of the northern cities to look for more.. Like 900 hours in this game is not already a waste of time, im not playing the game in the current state it is in, its not fun to check 50 empty houses, while zombies on steriods chase you and end up dying of starvation..

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fully agree with all, high end military loot everywhere (vests etc.) no more common sense in where to find the items you want, not enough food, zombies too powerful, too fast and quiet