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Very rare loot in far north (and military base)
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Me and a couple of friends now ran many times from town to town up north but there was such a small loot to find. Even in the military base was always like one item 9er building. But the wrecked military uaz's spawn many russian weapons+ attachments. I was seven times in the military base about serverograd and i've no found anything even i was the first one visiting the base. Very frustraitig becaus there are only 3 places where you can find barracks and when one of them is not spawning you have to run all the way down to the NWAF


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I was mostly the first one visiting this place so nobidy was looting anythig before.

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yes and in the towns at the coast there is nothing to eat and you cant survive as a freshspawn. My Friend died 6 times yesterday cause there was no loot. We have a 40 Slot Server and you cant find anything. On a other server with usually 3-4 Players there is nothing to find too so please fix that cause its not playable at the moment cause you cant survive as a freshspawn

Yes. Even on servers that blatantly state they are high loot (and have been) have nothing at the moment.

The new loot-espawn-system ist very very bad I have to say.

Nothing is spawning and if there is spawning something, its trash-loot nobody needs.

  1. I read that everyone on the server needs to loot very actively to let the server respawn some loot. So, i there is nobody looting, because there is no loot, the server will never respawn loot.
  1. I read that the server needs X-Items dropped down to the floor to respawn new some loot. But if there are not enough people dropping loot on the floor, the server will never respawn loot.
  1. there are some special buildings where you can find after 3 or 4 server-restarts a TON of loot (like before in vybor military base in the prison, 2st floor)