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After update i cant find matchbox and so I cant cook my meat...
Other way how to set fire are not yet


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Hi, You can use a Road Flare to light Fires. Put the flare in your hands, light the flare then it gives option to light fire when your close to it.

Thats right Minty, but Roadflares are also extremely rare to find. So it's really hard to find anything to light a fire.

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The road flare is not hard to find. And you can use it several times.

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I think there should be more ways to make fires (like using gunpowder from bullets)

I would murder someone for a matchbox....

But the roadflare is a good idea, thanks!

I've found 8 in my outing and they are reusable. best place was Severograd

we just need different way to light a fire but need to be difficult at the same time!