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Pumpkins auto spoil
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Sometimes when growing pumpkins in green houses at least the pumpkins will go from growing to automaically spoiled. I tested it a couple times and did not walk away from them but watched the entire time and it only happened some times. {F31532}


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Get pumpkin seeds, dig out a green house, plant, watch, and you'll only get the option to harvest spoiled plants.

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No form of fertilizer or anything was used.

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I have not tried pumpkins yet, but since 0.55, all other plants I've tried have a random chance of suffering from some blight or "pests" (as the forums call it) that can cause them to spoil when growing.

Typically, the plant will begin to show signs of the sickness in the early stages of growth. (See the attached screenshot). The plant on the right eventually produces the immediately spoiled crop, while the plant on the left is healthy and yields healthy crops. Notice the white spots on the plant on the right. There were no differences in the steps to produce these two plants.

So what you're seeing with pumpkins *may* be expected behaviour.