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Persistence is not working as it should.
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My tent and fireplace, bagback and full ghullie suit + and a lot of other stuff just disappeared after server restart.. so clearly persistence is not working as it should.. before the patch even the stuff we dropped on the ground would stay after restarts.


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Every restart

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After we lost the tent, later on my friend killed me with a his Fnx while battling your OP zombies, he dragged off all my gear, but the server restarted a few mins after and all the stuff that was dragged off my body was gone.. I knew i should have never tried out this patch before u hotfixed it.. Aka101, smersh vest etc gone...<3

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Unfortunately true. Tons of reports like that here.

my garden plot disappeared during server restart. why are the servers restarting when the persistence is on and the loot should respawn?

Any item that a players drops on the ground will be deleted after server restart.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Join any Public Server
  2. Drop any Item on the ground ( Weapon, Clothing, Food etc.)
  3. Restart Server and check exact local where you previously dropped the items
  4. Items are Gone

A tent with 3x pimped mp5 and 12 30rd mags gone... Persistence my butt... yeah