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25% player left
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i don't know if the Count System of the Server are not working fine, but:
our Server was each day full (40/40).

Since the last update, non of our or other Server we are playing have more then 13 player.

So, on the one Hand no more could join or on the other Hand the last update destroy the game and no one will Play DayZ. That means only 25% of the player are left.

I think the the 25% player is right... {F31509} {F31510}


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Use our last update

watch the number of player = 25%.

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I fully agree, The last update destroy the game and no one will Play DayZ.

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Stop crying kiddies

We are not crying poyl.

I am also totally agree. The last update destroyed the game almost completely.

Almost no more loot, FPS stuttering, some loot is missing completely, the new "Zombie-KI" is more buggy then before..

Unfortunately :(

What we need is the new VBS3.0 Engine!

It's better to let an update in experimental 1 month more than releasing it too early (But please give us un update next week ...)

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First people demand the update to stable ASAP without consulting any experimental testers of the feel of the game, what follows is outbursts of anger towards the developers behind the game. Friendly and informative feedback is always welcome, I believe, given the existance of this site. But come on, folks, don't do it like this.

This is by no means the first report concerning this topic. Before posting your own issue/report, you should have a look at the existing issues first. The more "noise" one report gets out there, the more it will get attention from the devs. Only if you have more information, perhaps an entirely new angle to a problem - make a new issue.

What I see here is you just rambling about the lack of players due to the update. But you must remember the text which appears on your screen, every time you launch the game. At least the players do that you are currently missing: They have decided that the game is currently either too buggy or hard because of the update and thus have decided to wait for following updates. The game is nowhere near being complete, we are looking at an additional two year development here.

And the team working behind the game isnt huge like in many gamehouses today. Why do you think they push out a new Call of Duty out every year? They have enormous development team and need to create a game fast to survive and pay their employers.

Please think about what you post because someone reading this issue is just a waste of time...

Lets say I really enjoyed playing dayz for my first few days before the .55 update (I'm very new in dayz), I saw the potential and I really like this game. I know probably about 10% of what I can do...
I don't like to repeat myself but the game now looks for me like this:
'And instead of having some kind of satisfaction of playing this game and my character progress I've end up involved in some rubbish masochistic game of watching my characters die'
And I think I should have some fun to play it because for the start... I paid for it, and I understand that it is not finished, that's why when my weapon disappear or if my character will die because of some bug, or I will have white screen when log in I will not complain too loud,
And as rubbish and not important for you my comment can be it is honest new player opinion on this change.

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so, for me it is only showing, whats happen.
I think the ideas was nice but... now no one is playing the game.
13 Players is not so much for a Server, where 40 Player was all the time on it.
Our full clan (20 Player) stop also playing the game.
Yesterday one guy came and see "no one is playing dayz, i will come back later" - later - "no one is here...".
This is, what happen.
I love realy dayz, so i Need no comments like soux (soory, you are no mod)... for me it was killing the came.
But if this the target of the came, we start another game like miscreated, reign of kings or H1Z1.

But before we do it, i have the hope DayZ get a Status of playable back.

I only see: persistance was not working before the update came and they force all Players to use persistance without having a playable version of persistance.

NBPone added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 3:55 PM

Thanks developer for the nice time in the past of playing DayZ.
The game was one of the best games on the market.
For me it is very sad that you let the game kill of this way with this update.

I hope that in the future an update is what the game will be playable again.

This update was a collection of errors like:

  • no working forced persistance System
  • overpowerd Zombies by 1) too fast, 2) no hit Animation but get 3 hits a seconds if the Zombie is near of you
  • get poisen by water but no loot for help
  • missing ammo and weapons
  • eco System => wrong way of all fans of DayZ
  • disregard the warnings of the Community, so only 25% Player left
  • working Systems are broken but bugs not fixed
  • Lack of incentives to ever play the game yet for longtime Player and new player, so 25% Player left
  • The server admins given not enough rights
  • Partially isolated to aggressive Moderators
  • Should remember that this is a game and make it fun
  • One should take more and more, but give players fewer Slots

I hope, the time will open your eyes and gives us a playable Version of DayZ.
For me, the challenge is to terminate the server that game broke leave it and see what happens in the hope that there is no other game, which takes the place of DayZ. Because if you had the first brought another great game and there build a new community, why should I come back then?

But thanks for the real nice time!

Loot is still completely fucking broken. Dev's get back on this and put food back in the game, it has been a WEEK!

small correction of the numbers of Players.
We had each day in the afternoon a full Server of 40 Players.
Since the update the number is folling each day. The average is now 4 to 8 players.
Is any dev watching this statistics too?
In attachment you find our server statistics.

Ironie: Thanks for the update :'-(

There is IMHO way too much medicine but I am not sure.

I love DayZ SA, and I am happy there is a alternative to this ugly DayZ Mod.

But also our community is dying because of the new patch and this stuoid new loot-system which isn't working.

Also we loose players because of the logs aren't working anymore (0.54 was godlike fine).

Before we had 3 servers each 50 slots. No we have only one 50 slot server with about 3 (THREE) people online. DayZ SA is dead I think.

The problem is also that Bohemia is working on chainsaws, landmines and a new cross hair than working ALL TOGETHER on the zombie KI and the new loot-system.

I really hope that I din't bought the game for 25€ and it's going to die. Because if it's like this, we all made Hall rich for nothing!

I bought this game to have fun, have interesting interactions with players, more posibilities to do something new. I was trying to survive the .55 an except of kos it is quite possible (apples, apples, apples,apples, apples, apples,apples, apples, apples, berries, berries,berries, berries,berries, berries,berries, berries,berries, berries, running from zombies, berries, berries, berries, apples,apples, apples, apples,apples,apples, apples, apples,apples,apples, apples, apples,apples, kos). It is nothing interesting for me there, I've stopped playing, thank you

Until now I've stopped also, because of the "new" Loot-System.

The new Loot-System should stay in experimental until 0.56/0.57 and until it works properly.

Me, guy with biggest nerves for Alpha Games decided to left. You know how fucked up game is now since I left.

Me too I think.
Too buggy and everytime they fix 2 bugs, they add 4 new.

I agree, the last update was a steaming pile of fail. They should completely roll back to .54 and pretend none of this ever happened.

Zombies are more fucking broken than ever before.

Item spawns are completely screwed up with nothing seeming to spawn after Wednesday. My only solution for you is to keep the old one until you manage to get the new item spawning system to work, and keep the new one in experimental, and experimental only until it is god damn ready (but then of course no one will play experimental, it'll be like .52 all over again where no one even tried since you'd die of starvation 500ft from the spawn point).

Game dropped in ratings and a lot of long time players (including most my group, and we used to be on almost every god damn night from .46 to .54) have simply taken a break until Bohemia gets its shit together.

So, Bohemia, get your shit together. I looked at the changelog and I have to say that you aren't fixing anything significant, or at least nothing that's an annoyance to players. No mention of those glitchy shits you call zombies, and no mention of the fucked item spawning system.

I have read "Glitch"?

My solution for you guys of Bohemia is "a completely new engine" and not this crappy shit called "Enfusion".

Get a new one non-arma engine, pay 5000$ and have lucky players.