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Garden lime causes that vegetables seems to be instantly rotten
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I tried to do some horticulture these days and created a prepared a lot.
I also add some Garden lime to my field and added the seeds.
After a while I wanted to harvest my vegetables but all of them seems to be rotten as the picture shows mold on them. The item itself reports as pristine. {F31508}


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Craft a lot
Add garden lime to your lot
grow any kind vegetables (at least Tomato)

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You need to watch the plant.
If the plant becomes ready then you don't immediately harvest it the food becomes moldy.

and for the pristine thing that doese't matter becouse that the condition of the item .

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Its a pain in the as to wait over 10 / 20 minutes (is limed or not) while starving just to harvest a secound late. Very bad game design.

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Re: "You need to watch the plant.
If the plant becomes ready then you don't immediately harvest it the food becomes moldy."

I don't think that's entirely the case as of 0.55

It appears there's some random chance that when the food is ready to be harvested, it will immediately have that moldy look and the "collect" action will mention that the harvest is "spoiled". Probably related to the gardening pests mentioned in the forums.

[update] - As the plants are growing, you will see white spots on the leaves if the plant is ultimately going to go bad. I have uploaded a screenshot "2015-04-10_00001.jpg" showing a healthy plant on the left and one that will eventually turn spoiled on the right. I'm not sure if anything can be done to prevent this. Both plants were planted exactly the same way (no lime for either).

I have, however, eaten every Pristine moldy looking plant I've grown and so far have not noticed any sickness.