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loot table messed up
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Since the update to 0.55 the loot table is spawning things where it shouldn't be. M65 jackets are everywhere. I have found 4 swords, yet not at castles. There will either be almost no loot in a town or way too much loot, such as one shed I went into had 9 pairs of pants among a lot of other things in it. {F31507}


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Just look for loot.

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I do not know if this is a persistence issue as the server I play on is supposed to be non-persistence but was reset to persistence with the update. Some things seem to stay after server restarts and others do not.

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confirmed, loot table is out of control, small toilet spawns massive loot, tents, ammo, military pants. Buildings are empty.

And I don't know but why we need to be forced to go north anyway? As far as I've noticed this supposed to be open world...
Maybe I'm missing something, please correct me...

This is so true. Yesterday I went to airfield and military base, they were both full empty on a few servers. Finding food is almost impossible, but PET bottles everywhere. Also you can find assault and high capacity vests from random ordinary houses. Police stations are full of MP5 mags and police uniforms. Loot is spawning to places where they should not spawn. It would be nice if there was some logic at where them items spawn.

The items which used to be in logical places (like netting) are not there anymore, but I can find medieval maces and swords in the sheds and the vests are everywhere (probably to compensate with over powerful zombies)

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This is intreasting, on my way to the airfield I looted a police station in witch I found nice relative police loot, procceded onto looting the airfiedl and found nothing more than books, hardhats and breifcases. next day looted airfiedl again and noticed no noew loot had spawned after server restart but found a teddybear (no weapons what so ever), today 3rd day of looting the airfield I checked the Military tents but only civilian (schoolstuff) loot had spawned. So yeah, I second this. The loottable needs to be looked over, unless the military is running schools at the Airfield now ;)