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Persistence is not on for my server!
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So I put my tent out about an hour ago. I was testing to see if it would disappear or not so I wasn't using it for storage. Instead I had placed 3 backpacks beside the tent and was using those for storage. I had made 1 improvised backpacks, dropped 1 mountain backpack and 1 taloon backpack to place my extra items in while I waited for a restart. The global restart happened about 30 minutes ago and when I came back in everything was gone, the tent and all 3 backpacks plus a couple of random ruined sewing kits I had thrown out after using. I went back down into the town I had just finished looting and all the loot had also been reset. I tested it, dropped a couple items on the ground and made note of what was in a couple houses and then did a manual restart via my ACP. I come back in and the loot I had dropped was gone, all buildings I had made note of had new/changed loot. I did this once more and again all the loot respawned. I went into my ACP and checked the addons folder, no option to enable/disable persistence... which is how it is supposed to be I know. I really want persistence on in my server if possible, is this something with the patch or do I need to contact my server provider and request them to reinstall the service? My server is R4L Roleplay|Persistence|No 3PP Pansies Thanks in advance for any insight someone can give me on this.


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Restart my server, all new loot will respawn.

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Just not sure if it's my server or the patch. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Persistence is working bad nearly for all servers.

"Badly" isn't the word for it man. Other people are complaining of being looted dry... meanwhile my server creates fresh loot every time it restarts and I can't place ANYTHING to store gear in. If it isn't on my character when the server restarts then I don't get to see it again. At least the people with "No Loot" servers can keep what they do find. In the mean time anyone who reads this and plays 1st person feel free to take advantage of the loot until I get a response on how to fix it. R4L Roleplay|Persistence|No 3PP Pansies I'll update when persistence is fixed and invite anyone who wants to stick around to do so.

After a lot of arguing with ViLayer where they pretty much refused to reset our server and we had to speak with management to get someone to log in and actually fucking check if there was a problem.... they released a patch to fix persistence problems (Told you so fuckers) on all ViLayer servers. Our server should be working correctly again, I will update if it is still broken.

*EDIT* Server persistence is still disabled.

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Which is you server IP?

Server IP is Feel free to come loot up, just don't drop anything you want to keep lol.