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Melee blocking
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Okay, so ever since .55 rolled in, most of us have experienced the new zombie behaviour challenging, many outright calling it to be too much. I myself like the new challenge but would like to suggest some tweaks into this system.

For starters, taking out those zombies currently with my MP5K equipped with a silencer has been a piece of cake. Although, for playing just two hours, running around from one city to another with my friend, I have managed to run out of ammo. To my short experience so far, the melee combat against these zombies is a real pain.

What I would like to see is the ability to block with the melee weapon in your hands. For now, I haven't given it too much thought on various items, but say we use a baseball bat as an example: Could we have some sort of "automatic" blocking when weapon is held in it's position "ready-to-hit" coupled with a line-of-sight check? No, I don't mean that we would have some complex cinematic where the character blocks the attack and does an amazing counterblow.

Something simple; when line-of-sight is towards the zombie and you have melee weapon readied, as the zombie takes a few swings at the player, instead of hitting the player the zombie hits the bat and bat will take damage. Perhaps even could stun the zombie with some two handed, hard melee items.


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So you like the new change because you like challenge killing zombies with MP5K but it seems to be not comfortable to use the melee weapon when no ammo? Let's give all the players from the start the machine guns with infinite ammo! I like the challenge myself...
I'm sorry for my .55 sarcasm

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Aren't you nearly completely ignoring what I said? By no means did I say that they're that challengeful with an MP5K, in the beginning of my original post I just stated the fact that the zombies have definitely become more threatening due to their higher damage and frequency of attacks.

On numerous posts the devs have stated that currently the only bugs with them is the speed they approach you and how they do so without a sound. With what I have little played of .55, to my opinion melee is lacking in usefulness. No, I didn't ask for players to spawn with machine guns nor even with melee weapons.

My point being, like I suggested above I think it would bring new aspects to the game when melee could be used for blocking as well. And that ability wouldnt save you if you get attacked by numerous zombies around you. You will still be getting hit.

All in all, this is just something I wished to suggest and bring as a topic of discussion, but if you can't properly read and comprehend the suggestion, then leave your trolling out.

Yeah, I was a little trolling, that why I said sorry on the end...
And you had my vote up, because it must be some sensible way of fighting with them, not only hopelessly looking at them hitting you (of course if you can see them hitting you at all...).