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Farming Plot and Plants dissappear
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So, there are two ways of them dissappearing :

  1. - After restart of a persistent server, plot and all plants from it are deleted.
  2. - Not sure how this happen, but I went pretty far away from my farming plot. After 30 minutes I got back, plot was there but my plants were gone. And note : my plants were watered.


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Planting means a lot for 0.55 version because people seem to have difficulties with getting food and surviving. I hope you understand me and fix this as soon as possible.

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Yep same here just about finished setting up a plot, added fertiliser, added plant and just as we was watering it the server re-set and the lot disappeared.

And I've just lost tent somehow. I went in another city for 10 minutes and tent disappeared. I had fireplace with stones and etc and it dissappeared too. If someone took it, why would anyone carry fireplace in his/her backpack? So it must've been a persistence fault.

i made a garden and i plant 3 seeds of green bell pepper and 8 tomatoes seeds ,water them but no fertilizer,after waiting a bit i decide to go collect some more water not far away return and theres was only the 3 green bell peper plant ready to harvest, 8 others plants where gone !!i said ok no prob i can take the seeds out of theses pepper but was not able to collect them ,first i was trying with a stone knife , not i said to myself maybe try with a real knife...not working!
and with persitence i put my shovel and other stuff i the house near , to make some space , i go about 500 meters for about 20 min with no server restart and came back ...there was somes left but a lot of the stuff disappear!
thx! sry for the long text;)

Items on the ground, anywhere, get deleted after some time. You need to put stuff into backpacks, yellow boxes or tents. These do stay longer.
Also someone may have removed your plants during that time.
And, yes, garden plots do not survive a server restart. This could be indeed a bug.

@barberousse24 Also I've tried cutting seeds out of Zucchini. Zucchini won. Seems like I'm not the only one that has his plants vanish and inabillity to cut down vegetable to get seeds.

@vatixerid No, like 1-2 people were in server with me. And it was night. And my plot ( next to my tent ) was in middle of nowhere where no one comes, so what are possibilities? MLG? Illuminati?! DEAN HALL?! I've keep asking myself that question my entire life.

Does ANYONE even bother to check POSTS?!