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Persistence not working correctly. Tents disappearing.
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Have placed tents on two different servers, both private hive, both which the tents disappeared. On the first server which I placed the tents was yesterday, and today after server restart the tents were gone.

On the second server I placed the tent today, gone today.


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Place tents and watch them automagical disappear.

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I don't know if it was because of the wipe done the other day. Tents seems to stay now. Although, the despawn timmer for items on the ground needs to change. I have cut down trees, just to see the wood log disappear one second after. Same with random items on the ground. Especially when harvesting food, you can place 2 pumpins in your backpack if lucky. But the rest of them despawned just seconds after, due to the cleanup.

Yes it's true

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All tents that I have placed on public servers have disappeared.

Same happens with loose items being dropped.
Bohemia owes me the following:
2 M4s (1 with 60 rnd mag)
1 MP5 (all attachments, RV optic)
1 AK-101
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Multiple 300 rnd boxes.
Smersh backpack.

Confirm. Also trucks disappear after server restart!

Placed 3 different tents and reliable servers at 3 different times, mostly stock piling clips and food/drink for inland treks. All 3 tents poof at restart, and of course all loot.

I really like the new patch that puts a heavy weight on self-reliance; farming, hunting, fishing etc. The problem is when you cannot store items in a tent. As a fresh spawn, impossible to carry everything needed: fishing pole, shovel/pickaxe, seeds, water, food, fertilizer, shovel for worms, hatchet for fire wood, etc.

This is a major bug that must be fixed post-haste.

0.55 and beyond in not playable until tent persistence is remedied.

Can attest to tents and vehicles disappearing on most public servers I have played on.

it happpend twice to me today after server reset lost my whole campground which was basically in that tent

Koffeekage, were you on a private hive?

Currently on private hives admins have the ability to do persistence wipes of the server which would remove all tents/campgrounds.