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improvised Lead pipe shotgun request
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i'd really love to see a lead pipe shotgun introduced to the game. essentially being a breech loaded single-barreled shotgun with heavy upkeep needs (it's like an improvised suppressor shotgun, becoming damaged after only a shot or two.)

to balance this high repair cost compared to conventional arms it should take up less space (the same as the lead pipe, 3 slots. maybe make it horizontal so it can fit into pants.)

the crafting recipe would just be two lead pipes and an improvised firing pin made from a can.


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Any weapon made from lead would most likely explode when fired, lead is also a very soft metal which melts at a low temperature.

Nice idea but in reality it would have to be a steel pipe. You could also add improvised pipe bombs made from steel pipe and shot gun cartages.

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that's almost entirely irrelevant. the pipe in the game right now is the only pipe in the game.