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Human Skin Backpack*stuffed*
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Hi i would like to craft a Backpack out of Humanskin that looks like the torso of a Playermodel with straps made out of arms or maybe legs. Or maybe it could look like i give a Player a Piggyride. Maybe even dressabel for more slots with the downside of not being able to go Prown.


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Aquire Human Cadaver =>skin and Quater=>use Leathersewingkit to craft straps + backpackmainbody apply leathersewingkit to craft complete Human Backpack

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Would totaly rock for Canibalism Players to store more meat

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Oh god... that's nasty... xD

Someone just ban this troll already.

i am all serious right now not trolling or anything, i am aware that it is tastless and nasty but hey we can quater and skin Humans eat their flesch craft fishing hooks out of their bones and warm our self up with their guts but what happens with the skin.

This would be totally awesome!