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Spawning near Rify and Svetlojarsk inside a stone
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This happens quite often to me, this has happened also to my friends. You die and you spawn. And you spawn randomly inside a rock between Rify and Svetlojarsk. {F31394}


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Respawn, randomly you get inside.

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Can't pass through,

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I'm not sure if is this is in wrong category?

Hello sakkes96,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you're still stuck, just send me a link to your Steam profile, and I'll move your character. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a "1st/3rd Person" or a "1st Person" server.

The positions of the rocks with spawn points inside have already been filed internally, so the devs will be fixing this during development.

If you prefer to send your Steam ID url in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".


No, I'm not stuck anymore but I just told this because this happens quite often. But good if it's already under fixing. And I was on a 1st/3rd person server.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll close this ticket then since it's filed in ticket #22798.