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Tent Wipe
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Me and a few friends yesterday all had tents that we had saved from the week before. We found a nice spot to place them and finally did. We placed them on a DayZ owned server DayZ NY 3-216 and then about a few hours later there was a server restart. We log back in and the tents where no where to be found. I logged several times to make sure it wasn't a glitch or just wasn't loading in. They were still no where to be found.


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Later we logged out and see that the server that we placed them on had a slightly different version then the others 54.126645. There were only few servers like this but we are unaware if it was like this before the reset or not. The other normal servers are 54.126646.

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I've had same experience but on different server, first time since tents been added i found one then went away for a few hours rejoined and hay presto gone. A bit peeved off really.

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Every Wednesday during patchday, the tents get wiped.
You receive a message off battleeye everytime you play...

if you would have read it you would see this happened after the wipe -_-