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Hacker on Server
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was on a server

on 03/15/2015

I spawned in on a server with my friend at kamy...
I ran down the hill and seen a guy with a sledge hammer out and view items of clothing not fresh spawn... I shot once at him and then I moved my self to a better position next thing I know my character starts acting strange... he put his gun away pulled it back out sat down and then stood back up, I then started to run away from the area, and my screen turned black with the words DEAD, I exited the server,, my friend saw my character back at the benches, then he seen a guy naked next to me and this guy had all my stuff in a flash. my mate wasn't so lucky and was killed moments later by the guy who took my stuff, I logged in to another server and my character logged in 5 minits back and had all my stuff again... this is happened to me twice now both caught on film, the 1st one I managed to kill after I respawned back on the server not sure of what happened.. this time I left it and stayed on different server.

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Play on a full server and go to kamy .. both times this happened in KAMY

Additional Information

I got my stuff back but my friend was geard and I feel sorry for getting him killed... a response would be nice or something for him... please let me know

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lol looks like you picked the wrong guy to try to kill on sight, cant say I feel sorry for ya, I'm not condoning hacking or anything but you kos dickheads are just as annoying and deserve what you get lmao!!!

I love how you pretend you don't ever Kill on sight... Everyone at some point gets pissed of with being back stabbed every time they talk to someone, sick of giving the opportunity of being shot in the back. so yeah I did take a shot at this guy, but like always the first shot in a warning to piss off.
You cant condone hacking, unless you are a hacker your self.

hope we see you in Kamy soon

you mad bro.. and you don't scare me in the least xD

Dude im not mad at all? and its really not a fret I just meant come kamy when we in server and see for your self we don't KOS...? I don't get your hostility?

I am concerned about the security in the game after reviewing some of these things you mention. Ignore the troll too many in this game of 12 year olds.

I would be very cautious after hearing this one, and makes me wonder how much else they can do to control your game, or computer.

It is by far one of the worst hacks I have come across For you to be hacked its not so bad coz you don't loose your stuff as longas you leave the server ... but as playing with a squad when you go down and in and instant someone is running around looking just like you this then cause conflict because your friends don't know if to shoot or not.... obviously when they are shot down they don't get there stuff back... I will be uploading a video shortly of the first incounter as you will see we have no idea what happens I quite the server instead of respawning by mistake, I rejoin the server and I had all my loot I managed to flank the hill and there "I was" (this clone running down the hill looking just like me... I ended up sniping him again this time killing him dead and manage to look at his stuff and it was all my stuff... we where all shocked... after he died I guess he had no option but to respawn.. but the 1st time I shot him he was running down in front of me after sniping at kamy... I shot him he went unconscious but then disappeared... all will be in the video..

Just remember to quite the server if your character does some random shit and you die.

Hello IceBound,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Unfortunately, we won't be able to reinstate your friend's previous inventory, but work and development of the security measures have by no means come to a halt.

If you encounter similar players in the future, please feel free to submit a new ticket with server info and as much info as you can on that player.