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[0.55 Exp] Punched out and killed by Far away zombie
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I was playing with 2 friends on "DayZ US Northeast 0-5 (Experimental/Unstable)" in the town on the hill South of Novo when I was chased by a zombie in a house. I punched out and killed the zombie and was about to pick up the ttsko jacket there when I started being punched by a Zombie that was far outside the house.. I got several messages that arms and legs were being broken and I was punching and hitting something that I couldn't see. I was knocked out and we all exited. The time was 11:53pm MST.

Edit: My friend is on an experimental server right now with the same thing happening to him. Zombie is very far away and hitting him like it's next to him.


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I remember seeing that if the zombies get stuck in an object they become invisible, so the physical body is stuck but the actual AI can hit you