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(0022680:same issue but with error message) game froze and crashed with a error message about could not read memory
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Game crashed after a couple of hours (Instruction by 0x004d5663 refereed memory by 0x0000004 memory could not read)


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Game Crash
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Play and loot

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I can not figure out where to find my game logs

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Find the crashlog in users/&user&/appdata/local/dayz. This is my problem i can't find this directory.

(should be 3 files: dayz.rpt, dayz.mdmp and dayz.bidmp. you ll need to compress after to big to upload in hop it help !
i had problem to find it to!!!
make DXdiag to!

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i get the same error, cant play at all, game doesnt start..

to see appdata you must unhide folders!