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Found a Suspicious Player, seemingly Hacking/Cheating
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In-Game i was in Zelenogorsk and found another Player driving around in a Truck. I shot serveral Times with the AKM and did absolutley hit the Player (i noticed this because of Blood splattering, like normal when u hit someone).
The Truck stopped and the Player got out of it, while i was shooting at him (and hitting).
The Character of the other Player was Screaming as he got out and blood was splattering around.
Next he just gave my Character a Headshot.
Though i dont think a Charactedr in Game should stand a full 75round AKM Mag i think he must be using a cheat/hack.


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Because im the Owner of the Server i can provide the Server Log with the ID of the Player, found at:

AdminLog started 2015-03-12 at 09:37:05
10:34:35 | Player („[blf] Absurd“ (id=76561198118740579)) has been killed by player „Rain“(id=76561198078142571)

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