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Found a Suspicious Player, seemingly Hacking/Cheating
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In-Game i was in Zelenogorsk and found another Player driving around in a Truck. I shot serveral Times with the AKM and did absolutley hit the Player (i noticed this because of Blood splattering, like normal when u hit someone).
The Truck stopped and the Player got out of it, while i was shooting at him (and hitting).
The Character of the other Player was Screaming as he got out and blood was splattering around.
Next he just gave my Character a Headshot.
Though i dont think a Charactedr in Game should stand a full 75round AKM Mag i think he must be using a cheat/hack.


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Because im the Owner of the Server i can provide the Server Log with the ID of the Player, found at:

AdminLog started 2015-03-12 at 09:37:05
10:34:35 | Player („[blf] Absurd“ (id=76561198118740579)) has been killed by player „Rain“(id=76561198078142571)

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Multiple posts for the same problem are not needed. Please stop wasting the Devs time.

Thanks for being that rude!
The double post was a browser failure which I didn't noticed and hackers are a huge problem for the game, which should be reported.
Think of being more helpful next time "heirfuhrer"

Hello Gr3mlin1991,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. We'll have a look at the info and see what we can dig up on that player. In the meantime I've set the ticket status to "Private" so that the player does not fall victim to harassment.