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Log files generated possibly due to Battleeye client not responding
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I added the -dologs start parameter after I had a memory read error. Since adding this parameter I have not had the memory error re-occur, however I have been kicked off servers due to "Battleye Client not responding".

I checked my Appdata/dayz folder and noted that 3 files had been generated, possibly due to the "Battleye Client not responding" problem. I attach the files in compressed format to reduce below the 5,000 KB restriction.

I have noticed that if I start dayz and then exit without joining a server the file DayZ.RPT is updated. Using Notepad++ I read the file and noticed many errors listed, for example "Shader compile failed", "Can't load style for unknown class", "String STR_ACTION_SUICIDE not found" etc.


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Log in to server, play for a few minutes then get "Battleye client not responding"
The server name is "[KOR] DayZ Server :D" My in-game ping is around 65. As I have stated above I am not sure if this is the cause of the log files being created.

Additional Information

Today I played on a different server for a couple of hours without any problems. On the previous server, "[KOR] DayZ Server :D" my problems with Battleye only started after I found a V3S and drove it to a city, I am not sure which city.

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