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Using/refilling water containers
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I have problems completing the drinking task when i drink from the canteen or PET bottle. The animation will play, except the task of drinking will not occur, and the bottle is not emptied. This only occurs when selecting "Drink All".

If i attempt to just use "Drink" it will usually work to use "Drink All" afterwards, although not always.

The same problem applies when filling the canisters, as the animation plays but not the task.


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Filling bottles from wells and using the action "Drink All"

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Had the same problem but this tends to be random, Not sure if it was just due to server lag or not. Cancelling the operation and re-trying USUALY fixes it.

Same for me randomly this happens. But by my observation only whit canteen not PET bottle.

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Canceling an retrying isn't work for me in most of cases. Canteen or PET Bottle.