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how can this be called stable?
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this time you really fucked up.
Dying for no reason. crashes all the time.
how can you use experimental servers and not taking notice of this behaviour?
how can you call this a stable branch?


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play and wait wait few seconds.

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Closing this as being unproductive rage rather than a bug report.

Yes, it is unstable, even in the "stable" branch. Yes, random deaths and crashes occur from time to time. These are all well known and well tracked issues as you are able to tell by the amount of duplicates, comments and votes on respective tickets.

You knew this was the case when you bought this game.

In this thread, Dean Hall's very first statement is <b><i>"Do not buy the game yet!"</i></b> because it is not yet a game, but rather a construction site.

On the DayZ Steam page it says: "It is a work in progress and therefore contains a variety of bugs."

On it says the very same.

So if you expected a nicely playable WIP game, you were either ignorant or simply didn't read.

Nevertheless, I hope you will participate in the development progress by reporting bugs, glitches, crashes and such, because it all matters, every crash report, every DxDiag is different and provides the dev team with information to solve this.

So please, don't rage about this game being unstabe. Rather help making it stable as quick as possible. The dev team does their best so we - as players and reporters - should do the same.

Kind regards,