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The game crashes too much on too many instances for me
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I have three crashing instances.

  1. When I change my video settings in-game, for example when i go from texture filtering high to normal [ when it needs to go black ] on any setting.
  1. When I join a specific server with this IP it gives me this error ( Cannot open file : C/Users/*/Appdata/Local/DayZ/tmp/_cur_mp_ebo - name is Grav3digger.

  1. Every 30-45 minutes - that memory leak one which a LOT of people had and I already posted a ticket for that one and I don't know when it'll be fixed.

The game is unplayable for me at this point. I can't play properly. This patch has been a very bad experience for me with this game.



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It only started happening with this new patch. Last patch was very smooth for me. No crashes at all, on any server, on very rare ocassions when the game got really FPS clogged or something, or etc.

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Okay here is what fixed it for me and the friends i play with.

1.) Right click DayZ on steam
2.) Click on Properties
3.) Click Set launch options
4.) Enter: -malloc=system -maxMem=2047 so it looks like this